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I missed one important point:
There were really knowledgable guide -experts in every city . They dlivered lots of useful information in Russian and took us to some "secret "places in Paris and Munchen.
On the bus we were also shown feature films and exciting documentaries about the people, royal families, and places we visited. Actually we watched them before visiting those places, which was very useful.
Another good point is that we were equipped with high quality portable earphones and could listen to the guide's story at a distance.
Shopping is good in Verona, Milan, Venice shops, and Germany bus stations..You can buy good quality clothes and souveniers there.

P.S. My post is for those who are really interested in art, culture and adventure.

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  • 03.08.2016

    I have recently travelled to Europe and toured 5 European countries (actually 6, Switzherland was just on the way but we made a stop in Lucerne). I had bought the tour with this efficient tourist firm on Aiteke bi 76, and Svetlana was the person who kindly prepared everything for me.
    The trip turned to be a big discovery for me and I am honestly happy to have made it.
    The advantages of this trip:
    1) in just 12 days you visit 6 European countries and 9 cities;
    2) a great opportunity to see the most desired places and tourist sites, such as: Versaille, Luvre, Mulene Rouge show, Venice, Verona, Neushvanstein in Fussen (the most amazing castle, high on the mountain, with its breathtaking view and awesome history) and many other lovely places;
    3) staying in good hotels with friendly service and comfortable rooms;
    4) adventure every day with the old and new friends,
    5) secure, safe because you are a united group of tourists with a very helpful guide and assistant (Diana) , who is always in contact with a very open-minded and efficient office in Milan;
    6) a brilliant chance to practice speaking Italian, English, German, French, which I actually did whenever possible;
    7) great for teenagers to expand their outlook and for all people to change to the positive mood;
    1) travelling by bus from a country to a country might be uncomfortable, but this is your group bus and always at your service, hence fast and comfortable inside;
    2) expensive food and especially water, but this is also affected by tenge depreciation: 0,5 water bottle is 1 euro on average, though in the hotels it is twice expensive.
    3) Kettle to boil water for tea is available only in Germany and Belgium hotels, hence you need to have "kipyatilnik and iron cup".

    Despite so unimportant downsides, the trip leaves you with unforgettable memories, as if you were in paradise or in a fairy tale. Candid and magnificant places compell you go there again.


Очень-очень часто берем здесь билеты на самолет. Да и вообще, многие тур агентства, которые не имеют соответствующую сертификацию для того, чтобы выпускать билеты, сотрудничают с данным оператором, и направляют клиентов покупать билеты тут. Молодцы, хороший сервис, всегда можно забронировать по телефону, много операторов. Отлично!

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