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ул. Толе би, 41, уг. ул. Кунаева, кинотеатр Алатау

American Bar and Grill 

Категории: Американская кухня Гриль-бар Доставка еды

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Yesterday I was there for the first time and liked this place. Let me tell you why. The atmosphere was really like in American pub, I mean the decoration. Waiters and waitresses were fast and polite, always tried to keep the tables clean. Dishes were delicious. But the thing which was weird for me was wc- one wc is for both men and women. But it also has some advantages. For example you can get acquainted there.Lol. But especially I loved the live music! The talented soloist was gorgeous as well as the other members of the group. The soloist's good voice & and can play violin perfectly. That's awesome place to spend time with friends.
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