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ул. Шарипова, 62, уг. ул. Богенбай батыра


Категории: Медицинский центр Родильный дом

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The staff asked my wife if I wanted to stay with her after she gave birth. She said "Yes" and I stayed for 5 days. However, the staff forgot to mention that it costed 8000 tenge per day. If we knew it costed that much I would have not stayed. As we were leaving staff demanded a payment of 40,000 tenge! It costed them 8000 tenge per day for a husband to stay in a room with his wife and baby, not requiring any medical attention, and to sleep on an old portable squeaky bed.

I recommend other spouses' with foreign husband's to stay away from Keruen-Medicus. They cheated me out of a lot of money for providing nothing.
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