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ул. Байтурсынова, 159, ниже ул. Тимирязева


Категории: Европейская кухня Японская кухня

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For the price the sushi is ok, could be better but not bad at all. The menu, however is WAY TOO BIG. It's a Japanese restaurant so I have no idea why there is pasta and everything here omg seriously. The katsudon and whatnot taste similar the ones in Japan so I get that often.
пр. Аль-Фараби, 77/7, Ritz Carlton, 28 этаж

LT Grill 

Категории: Гриль-бар Европейская кухня

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I have a special place in my heart for LT grill.

Whenever I come here, I feel like I am back home in the states. The steaks, sushi, salad, desserts, everything tastes so American and delicious it makes me want to cry.

The atmosphere and design of the restaurant is a definite plus :)

I'm probably biased, but... LOVE IT!!
ул. Гоголя, 2, уг. ул. Барибаева

Korean House 

Категории: Кейтеринг Корейская кухня

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I love this place! I come here at least once a week with my husband :)

It's the closest you'll get to Korean food in Almaty, although I do wish that the dessert menu included Korean desserts, and not the standard desserts found in every restaurant here. Other than that, the food is great and the service is usually nice. I say usually because there are days where the waiters are very professional and alert, but there are also days like I had yesterday where they are sloppy, rude and forgetful...

The restaurant is very clean and comfortable, plus it's close by my house which is a great plus. I brought my parents here who were visiting from another country and they enjoyed it immensely. It is a definite go to restaurant for us, especially when we feel like eating vegetables :)
ул. Розыбакиева, 263, Mega Center Alma-Ata, 3 этаж.

G Balik 

Категории: Банкетный зал Средиземноморская кухня Турецкая кухня

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Being pregnant and having a craving for seafood, I have been here about 3 times this month. I was obsessed with the seafood risotto and all the hot and cold appetizers which are totally yummy, and now that I have eaten there a few times, I feel confident in reviewing.

It's good, no doubt about it and service is fine, though it was much better when they first opened and had all the Turkish people there. The establishment is quite large and feels very crisp and clean. It has a comfortable aura and the managers?? Are always greeting the guest with welcomes or farewells.

Now, my only complaint for this restaurant is that everything tastes the same. That is what put me off now, actually. To me it feels like most of the items which include seafood (pretty much all, of coursel) have the same exact thing in them, meaning same texture (soft... a bit too soft for me, I like a little crunch in my octopus and squid) and flavor. It has been frustrating for me since I love seafood so much. ): In general everything tastes pretty fresh but just... too soft... It's like food for grandma ):

Anyways, it's a lovely place, it really is and the prices are ok. A bit high, and I was shocked that hummus of all things was nearly 2000 tenge... Oh, but I love the bread basket here :) the fish is fine, but I will continue on my search for the perfect seafood here in Almaty!
ул. Желтоксан, 96, уг. ул. Гоголя


Категории: Итальянская кухня

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I really don't understand why so many people hate this restaurant. I've come here often with my husband and friends many times over the course of 3 years and we have never had a problem with neither service nor food. Our experience has always been very pleasant and even when we arrive with a large group unannounced, the staff have always been extremely friendly (which lets me breathe a sigh of relief since most establishments have atrocious service here) and accommodating to our picky needs.

Now, I'm not saying it is perfect which is why I rated a 4/5, (the lights are much too dim for me, I absolutely hate the bread basket, etc.) but I have always liked the food, the service has always been fine for us and price-wise, in this ridiculously expensive city of Almaty, I think is not bad at all. In fact in my experience, it is cheaper than many other restaurant who serve much, much worse quality of food.

I don't know if I have always been lucky when I go there and get the nice waiters and good cooks, but our friends also come here often and always had a pleasant experience... Which is why we always come here. :) It's not like we are completely ignorant in service and food, either. I'm from the states and lived in various countries including those in Asia and Europe, and my husband even used to live and work in Italy where he worked at a five star hotel. I myself worked as a cook in a five star hotel so I would say we are not that oblivious.

I suppose the major complaint of other people is the service and the food not being 'Italian'. It's a helluvalot more 'Italian' than a lot of other places. If we are going to complain about authenticity, I have 99.7% never had a 'authentic' experience in the food industry here in Almaty... And there is almost no new restaurant for me to experience. Most places end up piling their menus with every food they can list across the globe which ends up with the food being a jumbled mess. This place keeps it simple, and although their menu is a bit larger than what I'd like, its fairly consistent.

Bottom line, my husband enjoys this place, his sister enjoys this place, his friends enjoy this place and most importantly, I enjoy this place :)

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